KR005 – Naturebot – Baby, I’m taking you back EP

Title: Baby, I’m taking you back
Cat-No: KR.005
Release date: September 25, 2012

Naturebot’s charm once again seduces Knightriders Recordings with

another original masterwork.

His second EP on KRecordings, Naturebot reconciles lost love and draws
the listener in with “Baby, I’m taking you back”.
“Terrier Weather” continues to romance Naturebot fans with

Aphex Twin inspired techno that plays with the listeners’ emotions by
experimenting with acid and ambiance.
By the the 3rd track the party is in full swing with “Disco & Cisco”.
“Acid western Acid” has us head over heels and in deep, taking the
listener to that dark beautiful place where

electro bass and playful melodies intermingle. The last track brings
us back full circle with a RyanMath remix of the title track “Baby’
I’m taking you back” (Mulling it over with RyanMath) this track will
be available on limited vinyl.  -  Keep an eye out for  KR.v01 “The
Remixes” due out Fall 2012.

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