KR003 – Naturebot – Specialty Shop EP

Naturebot - Specialty Shop EP

Title: Specialty Shop

Cat-No: KR.003

Release date: April 30th, 2012

SEATTLE – KR is pleased to announce our initial offering by northwest wunderkind Ian Scot Price aka ‘Naturebot‘. Founding member of the infamous ‘Bonkers!’ nights and head honcho at Pleasure Boat Records,
Naturebot produces broad exuberant unclassifiable electronica, forging his signature sound with love, bent analog circuitry and homespun self-styled synthesizers.
KR003 will be available April 30th exclusively on Beatport.
Welcome to the ‘Specialty Shop‘.

We first met Naturebot at a ‘Bonkers!’ night in 2008 – it was a vivid, wild evening of braindance and techno. We loved the rebellious nature of the whole affair: defiantly in contrast to Seattle’s offering of tepid minimal tech house. The next year, Ian’s half finished nouveau techno/disco roller, ‘Speciality shop’ ended up on a friends iPod that we listened to every time we got in the car. After falling in love with ‘Specialty Shop‘ we knew we had to get Ian to finish the tune and Dietrich Schoenemann at Complete to master it, asap.

As it turned out Ian had been working on a handful of beautiful tunes that would round out the Specialty ShopEP perfectly.

Since then Naturebot seems to be on a roll, refining his own signature techno and house offinings finishing 2 more EPs for KR!

Next up on KRecordings:
KR004 – Gunnar Lockwood “Abrader EP”
KR005 - Naturebot “Taking you Back EP”

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