KR002 – 214 – Tulum EP

Title: Tulum EP

Cat-No: KR.002

Release date: February 14, 2012

KRecordings proudly presents the ‘Tulum EP’ – the latest offering from Miami native, Chris Roman aka 214.
Available now on

214′s releases are widely known for a skillful balance between sci-fi roller disco sounds, and dark Detroit-influenced minimal expeditions for the mind. The ‘Tulum EP’ delivers two unstoppable originals. The title track to this powerful EP ‘Tulum’, is an eerie orgy of synths a la “Chain Reaction” with a simple, but effective droning baseline garnished with an almost demented whispering vocal. This comes together beautifully to create an extremely dark and minimal vibe perfect for sunrises from the ancient temples of Tulum overlooking the Caribbean Sea .
214’s ‘The Hair of the Biscuit’ is another piece of programming brilliance; this time featuring a heavy dose of mind melting industrial outbursts, intense pounding rhythms that refuse to be ignored by any dance floor, and heavy traces of 214′s renowned electro background. Rounding out this release are two distinctive and creative takes on Roman’s originals. The first comes via NYC electro legend, Elliot Taub aka Dj Ulysses whose Scatalogics label released new material from Alexander Robotnik back in 2005 which involved Taub and his current partner of “Neruotic Drum Band”, John Selway.  His remix of Tulum ventures further into the electro-dub abyss with an Italio-Disco flair that nearly reaches 8 minutes in length.
Christy Love & W.Jeremy Pelser aka House of Stank remix “Hair in the Biscuit’ and add a stronger tracky house flavor that puts a NYC stamp on the infamous Dirty-bird sound.  Their illustrious take on Romans electro breakdown swings from Todd Terry / Pierre era of New Jack City, Wild Pitch Hip House of the late 80s early 90′s to the current squalky chirps coming from San Francisco in recent years.
This contribution adds a refreshing diversity to this already strong and versatile EP.

Seattle Weekly review of 214’s ‘Tulum EP’ by Eric Grandy:
“Chris Roman toasts the Mayan coast with this title track of gently rolling bass, wafting synths, and sly whispering; techno b-side “Hair in the Biscuit” and remixes move things from the playa to the dance floor.”


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