James Grindle

James Grindle

Label A/R Director


James Grindle
Earconscious / Knightriders
Ambient / Soul / Techno

Not long after leaving his mother’s womb “Grindle’s” parents would try to keep him busy by putting him in front of a turntable, a pile of records and a pair of headphones.  This created an obsession which continues today as he is constantly adding to his already compulsively large and versatile vinyl collection.

Meeting Richie Hawtin in ‘93 prompted him to make a visit to Detroit, resulting in experiences that would permanently alter the musical direction of  “the Crazy Maniac from North Carolina”, as he would be endearingly dubbed by Fred Gianelli.  He has become so heavily influenced by the city and its sound he has made his way back to the Mecca of Techno each year since.  These trips would culminate in 2009 as he threw his own three day event coinciding with DEMF, featuring 21 artists, notably the first Detroit Moodgadget Label showcase and DJ Pierre’s first performance in “tha D” in over ten years.

Grindle became the new old man in the techno scene after visiting Seattle for the first time during the 2007 Decibel Festival.  He decided then to make the move across country for greener musical pastures.  Currently working by day for NECODO.com; he manages their catalog of over 130,000 songs as well as handles artist, label and customer relations.

Not one to stay quiet for long James jumped in head first as a promoter, bringing out Detroit-Berlin wunderkid Seth Troxler.  Seth would be the first in a long line of producers and dj’s he would go on to present to the Seattle techno community.

Currently between throwing Knightriders INC. events with his partner Travis Baron, he has been toying with production and starting to Dj more frequently.  He hopes to light up the occasionally cloudy spaces of Seattle by injecting the city with a bit o’ Detroit techno soul and some Carolina hospitality. A few of the the notable acts he has booked in Seattle are Andy Toth, Angel Alanis, Punisher, & Sassmouth.

As a Dj he has opened for West India Girl, Kate Simko, Eric Spleece, Robert Armani and Kyle Geiger.
Never one to be pigeon holed don’t be surprised if you hear everything from Avant Garde Classical, Soul, Funk, Shoegaze and unreleased techno in his set Sunday night at the Triple Door.

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