Title: Anno Patris EP 

Cat-No: KR.006

Release date: Jan 12th, 2013



Phaedrus is the moniker of Dutch DJ and producer Joris Kamma. His love for electronic music developed in the early nineties, with the rise of house and techno. In particular its raw energy and unorthodox character inspired him to pick up DJ-ing and producing.  In the Netherlands, Kamma was a regular guest at underground radio station Tonka and played a wide variety of DJ live sets at various events, performing with the likes of David Tarrida, Zero One and Pounding Grooves to name but a few.
In 2010 Joris relocated to Seattle, joining the ranks of Cascadian techno. He is currently involved with local record label Peloton Musique, which releases a wide range of fresh and exciting electronica.

His live sets typically consist of techno with added flavors techhouse, electro and 2-step. As a DJ, he enjoys to dig in deep & quirky territories, a major influence being “Brighton techno ,” a term coined from Cristian Vogel’s Brighton-based record label Mosquito. “I’m always looking for that special track that doesn’t sound like anything else”

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