Gunnar Lockwood

Gunnar Lockwood 

Title: Abrader EP

Cat-No: KR.004

Release date: June 21, 2012

“Destroyed. Destroyed.” — Recent audience member reaction.

Though Gunnar Lockwood’s music is never the same thing twice, it can be said to consist of a cohesive collection of strangled analog grunts, excited whispers, and explosive outbursts of joyous bewilderment, all re-enforcing an undercurrent of absurdist playfulness designed to loosen the musculature of both the face and the ass. That is to say, it’s fun to dance to and it’s not like everything else you hear.

Recent performances in Seattle have elicited marriage proposals, blank stares, pogo dancing, the dropping of $20 bills, and many varieties of never-before-seen cardiovascular contortions. Having played sweaty shows in Tokyo, Seattle, and San Diego and having shared a stage with Dirtybird’s J. Phlip, Gunnar is poised to touch ears all over the globe.

Dave Segal of Seattle’s “The Stranger”:
“His tracks have an elastic, ungridlike quality that’s missing from much techno.”

Sounds from the Sound’s Joe Bellingham:
“Not only is Gunnar an excellent producer, he can also really slay the dance floor with energy. I witnessed one such occasion recently and Gunnar does not disappoint.”

Ian Price of Pleasure Boat Records:
“I hope you have filed a W9 because this is the business.”


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