DJ Ulysses

DJ Ulysses

Title: Tulum Remix

Cat-No: KR.002

Release date: Feb 2012


Dj Ulysse,s Elliot Taub, Neurotic Drum Band

Biography of Ulysses :

DJ’ing since 1991, when Ulysses began his university’s first Techno radio show, Ulysses has been a major player in New York’s recent Electro movement. Ulysses is one of the people who defined the eclectic New York techno/electro DJ’ing style later popularized by artists like Larry Tee. His DJ sets are famous for their energy, creativity and panache and have carried him all over the world, with recent appearances in Berlin, Paris and Hong Kong as well as his home base New York City, playing for thousands supporting local superstars the Scissor Sisters at the New York contemporary arts museum PS1’s “Warm-Up” series last summer.

Ulysses also started one of the first large-scale Electro parties in New York: the “Regressive Technologies” series. Regressive Technologies has featured the likes of Arthur Baker, Mark Kamins, Alexander Robotnick, Miss Kitten and the Hacker, Ectomorph, Perspects, Adult., John Selway, DJ Unknown of Fisherspooner, and Tommie Sunshine.

Ulysses is not only about party promotion, however, and a close look at his prolific musical career will quickly shatter this misconception. Though initially lumped into the “Electroclash” semi-genre, Ulysses is charting his own musical path with many high quality releases on a dozen different labels. The music released so far has been wide in its breadth and quality, with records as diverse as Detroit Techno on pioneering Tribal Techno label Teknotika, Quirky Electro-House and Techno-Pop on Chicago’s genre-defining Deep House label Guidance, Deep Tech-House for Plastic City Suburbia and Tuning Spork Records, Italo-Disco weirdness on Memory Boy, and NRG inspired Techno/House on Germany’s influential Lasergun Records. Also look for collaborations with John Selway as the Neurotic Drum Band on Plant, Sodium and NDB Records, solo releases on Xylophone Jones and Play’s Cool Records, as well as a new release on Lasergun Records. Also look for remixes of Le Tigre, Scissor Sisters and Fischerspooner.

Scatalogics Records opened for business in the winter of 2002 and has so far proved to be an astounding success. Scatalogics features Ulysses as the primary artist, as well as music from Hakan Lidbo, James Duncan, Todd Sines, John Selway, and, most recently, 1980’s Italo Disco legend Alexander Robotnick.

Its Ulysses’ unique combination of Dance music’s past + present that makes him a unique new force in Dance music today. Be sure to keep an eye on him, he will be making waves in Dance music’s future.

Selected discography of Ulysses

Ulysses EPs
1. Ulysses “Wrong Island EP” Plastic City Suburbia 1999
2. Ulysses “Tribalismo EP” Teknotika Records 2001
3. Ulysses “Aviator Sunglasses EP” Lasergun Records 2001
4. Ulysses “No One Expects It To Last EP” Scatalogics Records 2002
5. Ulysses feat. Dei “But I’m Trying EP” Guidance Records 2003
6. Ulysses “Immaterial” Scatalogics Records 2004
7. Ulysses “Why Don’t You” Play’s Cool Records 2005
8. Ulysses “Stranger EP” Xylophone Jones Recordings 2005
9. Ulysses “Dirty House EP” Scatalogics Records 2005
10. Ulysses and Nicklcat ” Make You Feel Good” MBF Records 2006
11. Ulysses and Unknown “Do The Electric Toothbrush EP” Scatalogics Records 2006
12. Ulysses “Empty Hallways” UFO Records 2007
13. Ulysses “The Wanderings of a Handkerchief EP” Suicide Recordings 2007
14. Ulysses “Resistance EP” Sodium Records Dec 2007
15. Ulysses “Fun and Games EP” Wurst Music Co. 2009
16. Ulysses “Love Hangover EP” Internasjonal Especiale 2010

As the Neurotic Drum Band
1. Neurotic Drum Band “Get High in New York City EP” Neurotic Drum Band Records 2002
2. The Neurotic Drum Band “Vibrate (In a White Room)” Neurotic Drum Band Records 2004
3. Neurotic Drum Band “Project 6? Neurotic Drum Band Records 2004
4. Neurotic Drum Band “We’re Gonna Rock New York” Plant Records 2006
5. Neurotic Drum Band “Get High in New York City Remixes” Sodium Records 2006
6. Neurotic Drum Band “Fill in the Blanks” Abe Duque Records 2009
7. Neurotic Drum Band “Neurotic Erotic Adventure EP” Wurst Music Co. 2009
8. Neurotic Drum Band “Neurotic Erotic Adventure Remixes EP” Wurst Music Co. 2010

As Filipsson and Ulysses
1. Filipsson and Ulysses “The Endless EP” Bearfunk 2010
2. Filipsson and Ulysses/Valentinoland “Escape From New York/Hlytt og Gott” Internasjonal Especiale Records 2010
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