DJ Jak

Jak at Holocene 1

DJ Jak

Title: Radish EP

Cat-No: KR.007

Release date: Feb, 2013
Jack Coleman aka JAK has been spinning and producing techno and house music in the NW United States since the mid 90s. His moving DJ sets along with his work as a producer, promoter and SubSensory Recordings label owner have earned him a reputation as one of the most respected underground artists in the region.

JAK’s releases have broken the top 50 on leading outlets. His tracks have been remixe d by industry heavyweights including Audio Injection, Mario Miranda and Angel Alanis. His late 2011 EP on SubSensory “The Botch” smashed up the tech-house charts, hitting top 10s on a variety of stores.

With the SubSensory label, which celebrates 5 years and 50 releases in 2012, Jack has helped put the Pacific Northwest’s growing techno scene on the map, providing an outlet for numerous talented Northwest US artists as well as featuring material by well known acts like as Audio Injection, Adam Jay, Spark Taberner and Style of Eye.

Look for more from JAK in the very near future!

Dj Mixes

JAK – From 0-1 Studio Session

JAK – Summer 2011 Techno Mix

JAK – Blindspot Mix 2010

JAK – Summer 2010 Tech Mix

JAK – Repercussions (March 2010)

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