Angel Alanis

Angel Alanis

Title: Wrist (Angel Alanis Remix)

Cat-No: KR.001

Release date: Jan 2012

Wrist – Angel Alanis Mix – KR001

Angel Alanis has become a predominant figure in the E.D.M. industry. Hailing from Chicago, Angel began his career with the 1997 debut EP “Advanced Therapy.” Since then, he continues to produce a consistent and diverse stream of tracks, ranging from house and filtered disco workouts to tech-house and techno. His first album, “The Subconscious State of Techno,” was released in 1999, the success of which lead to his 2001 imprint A-Squared Muzik, featuring the smash hit “Do You Like the Way You Feel When You Shake.” In 2004, BPM Magazine awarded Angel a spot on its Top 100 DJ list after producing DJ Colette’s Dancestar Award-winning song “Feelin’ Hypnotized.” His work continues to earn international acclaim, landing him on labels such as Tresor, International House Records, Impact Mechanics, Tronic and Laidback Luke’s Subspace imprint. On the dance floor, Angel’s raw talent and innovative style has landed him gigs from Bogota to Berlin, and everywhere in between.

Recently, Angel joined the afro-acid team Home of DJ Pierre and is in the process of establishing two new labels,Home Audio and Slap Jaxx, which has already earned acclaim from such DJs as Dave Clarke, Ken Ishii & Dj Rush. His current work on the Freedom Series albums has proved Angel’s passion and dedication for the music and not the hype, while earning him a devout fan base.

Selected discography of Angel Alanis

Advanced Therapy EP Contact
Reverse Polarities Contaminated Muzik
Subsonic Funkadelic Underground Construction
Beyond Confusion 4 Track Records
Chicago’s Revenge Subspace
Contaminate Me Contaminated Muzik
Dirty House Men Underground Construction
Drum Re-Hab Planet Of Drums
Floor Essentials Vol. 1 Underground Construction
Floor Essentials Vol. 2 Underground Construction
Gel Caped EP Underground Construction
Illustrated EP Konsequent
Mind Over Matter (12″) Underground Construction
Organic Moods (12″) Thrust
Powerful (12″) Strength Records (USA)
State Of Mind EP (12″) Jasper Stone Trax
The Party Players EP (12″) Jasper Stone Trax
Two UC Hits Vol. 14 Peerless
Best Of Angel Alanis (12″) Underground Construction
Construct Fidelity Vol. 1 (12″) International House Records
Floor Essentials #3 (12″) Underground Construction
Housing Project (12″) Soul Phusion Records
Men At Work (12″) Jasper Stone Trax
Red Hot Remixes Vol. 3 (12″) Jasper Stone Trax
Subsequential Life (12″) Afterhours
Subsonik Tunes (12″) Jasper Stone Trax
The Subconscious State Of Tec Contaminated Muzik
The Subconscious State Of Tec Contaminated Muzik
Twisted Disco (12″) Soul Phusion Records
Chi’s Revenge (Remixes) (12″) Contaminated Muzik
Chi’s Revenge Remixes (12″, Contaminated Muzik
Chi’s Revenge Remixes (12″ Contaminated Muzik
Compute Vol. 1 (12″) Contaminated Muzik
Compute Vol. 2 (12″) Contaminated Muzik
Compute Vol. 2 (12″, Promo) Contaminated Muzik
Construct Fidelity Vol.2 (12″) International House Records
Construct Fidelity Vol.2 (12″ International House Records
Darkness (12″) Turtle Trax
Master Plan EP (12″, EP) Catalyst Recordings
Nocturnal (CD) Eukatech
Punani (12″) Tronic
Accelerated Motion (CD) Mix Connection Multimedia
Chitown Technition (12″) Hyperspace
Musica Del Rio Chicago (12″) Catalyst Recordings
The Way It Is (12″) Contaminated Muzik
Bastard Traxx Vol. 1 (12″) Tresor 2002
Cold Phused (12″) Soul Phusion Records
Long Island (12″) Cymbol Recordings
Why Can’t We All Just Get Along Rique Music
Full House (2xLP) Tresor
Too Much to Handle (12″) Contaminated Muzik
Addicted To Muzik Not On Label
Bitches & Drum Machines (12″) In Stereo
Funky Fresh (12 Not On Label
House Rockin (12″) Not On Label
Late Night Binges (12″) Eden Recordings
Take That (12″) Black & White Recording
Wickedness (12″) A Squared Muzik
Floor Essentials (12″) A Squared Muzik
Love F*ck (12″) In Stereo
Soul Power (12″) Phat & Phunkie
Chi-Town Muther Funker (12″) A Traxx (US)
Digital Prodigy (12″) A Traxx (US)
Ghetto Muthafuckas (File, MP3) A Squared Muzik
Cage Me In (12″) A Squared Muzik
Factor EP (File, MP3, EP) Subject Unknown Recordings
Hicker Billie Tunes (File, MP3) Subject Unknown Recordings
Warped (12″) A Squared Muzik
Knock Sucka EP (File, MP3, EP) Impact Mechanics
Old People Causing Accidents A Squared Muzik

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