“The Remixes” cut at Completed Mastering

Artist: Angel Alanis
Title: Wrist (Angel Alanis Remix)
Artist: DJ Ulysses
Title: Tulum Remix
Artist: Mix Architekt
Title: Abrader
Artist: RyanMath
Title: Baby, I’m taking you back

When Grindle and I first began talking about pressing vinyl we had a few trax from Mathew Anderson and Angel Alanis.  214 aka J.Alvarez handed us a few more toons and we had just met Gunnar Lockwood thanks to Naturebot.  Soon after compiling a grip of original masters and a remix from Angel we stared looking for a remix for 214′s Tulum.  Ulysses came through big time.  His remix of Tulum was exactly what we were looking for the label.  It was soon clear our first vinyl pressed should be a compilation of remixes.  To round out the back side we hand picked Mix Architekt’s Abrader remix for Gunnar Lockwood and a stellar remix called “Baby, I’m taking you back” for Naturebot by RyanMath.
This releases will be available as a limited pressing of only 200 copies available November 2012 – Pre-order info coming soon…

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